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remodeling tips know designing building new garage

remodeling tips know designing building new garage
The recent trend for more expensive, larger houses have initiated a trend to designing new garage in order to provide more and bigger vehicles too. Storage needs, as usual, are still on the top of every wish list. Now all the more a design of a garage has begun to receive more attention to detail. A standard garage is not a high-cost part of the construction. However, it is generally the area where you can cut some cost. Do you plan to build a new garage? If you do, maybe you can check out some of the following ideas to help you create a useful, appealing area visually and if it possible “out of the box” in design.

Attached or Detached

Most of the new housing developments commonly have a house with attached garages. A garage that is attached to your home provides convenience, particularly in cold weather. However, they are limitations on the options of the design for garage and house. If right now you are still in the phase of planning of building a garage, consider both options – attached and detached – and think about the advantages of both of them before you finalise the plans.

A Preferable Entry

A large garage facing the street has become the standard house plan recently in newer housing construction. The entry to the house generally means extending across a utility or laundry room and perhaps going past a small bathroom along the way. The gorgeous foyer entryway through the front door becomes very rare day to day use.

This kind of layout might save money, but if this area functions as your main entry, wouldn’t a beautifully designed mudroom be a clever option? Having a user-friendly and welcoming mudroom with a ready storage would give a functional and attractive choice to the status quo.

Getting Bigger as Time Goes by

Recently, some of the new houses are having garages for at least two or three or even more cars. As time changed, the basic two-car garage has got the minimum standard. Since SUV’s and minivans being the favoured driving choices nowadays, garages should be big enough to fit such vehicles. Garages that can accommodate three or four cars are becoming greater in popularity in some developments and might prove to be a good selling point in future.

Better Orientation

To get the garage entrance angled off from the street, you can try to adjust the footprint. A 90-degree offset from your home is perfect, yet even a tiny variation from the straight facing the street can considerably reduce the effect the garage entrance has towards the house’s street view. Do you wish your surrounding neighbours see what you have put in your garage each time you open the door? Just one more thing to consider when you design your garage.

Living Area Above the Garage

When you design a new garage, it can be more of a challenge to build a living area above it if that is your plan. The roofline might need to be made much higher compared to the main house because of the combined a full-size space above the garage and wall heights of the garage. Incorporating living area above the garage is an economical method to add a home office or a rental space. However, it might be accomplished more easily if you use a detached garage design. If you add a space to an attached garage, try to maintain 12-inches in between the top of the door and the garage ceiling with typical being 18-inches.

Look Does Matter

A great home exterior does not stop only at the garage. Try to keep the same design flow across the board, so the garage looks almost like the house part. Add the garage a house-like façade by combining trim, windows, siding, and entry doors like the rest of house. A garage can look “cumbersome” with a large single garage door. Instead, consider using two smaller and more decorative door.

Prepare for the Items

Other things that you need to put into consideration when you design a garage is adding snow removal for those living in cold weather. It will take a lot of time to plough a long driveway from the street to the garage during the winter periods. Make sure to think about adding storage space needed for those specific items like a snow plough or any other kind of equipment you may need to access easily.

Home Inspection

When you are going to remodel your garage, there is one more thing to be considered that is a home inspection. It is necessary to be done particularly in older houses. The inspection will determine whether or not your house contain dangerous materials. Usually, you can find an internal and external asbestos wall in the garage. If you can identify this earlier, it will help you from being infected with a serious health risk. So, having asbestos testing or removal is recommended for those planning on doing a remodelling.

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